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Innovative, first-class

aviation experience

There are more than 5 million people living in southeast Wisconsin and northeast and central Illinois. There is no major aviation museum within a 60 minute drive of this population. The proposed Great Lakes Air Museum (GLAM) will give the residents of this region an innovative, first-class aviation experience.


to accommodate

Located at Waukesha County Airport just west of downtown Milwaukee, the Great Lakes Air Museum and Conference Center will be designed to accommodate conferences, conventions, meetings and private event celebrations. Presently, there is no other theme-based conference center in Waukesha County, the state’s fastest growing region.




Private events/celebrations

Rendering of GLAM conference room

Custom built

for regional needs

Before construction begins, regional entities, both public and private, will be consulted in advance to ensure that GLAM will be built to help enhance their missions. In these ways, the Great Lakes Air Museum will be “custom built” to meet the needs of its primary user groups.


themed hotel

Consideration is being given to building an aviation-themed hotel (with airport ramp access) next to the museum and conference center. This will further enhance the facility as a convenient, destination attraction.

Pictured above is the initial HGA Architects design of GLAM, to be modified as user input is received.

Nation's prototype for

physically disabled accommodations

GLAM may be designed as the nation’s prototype museum for accommodating the physically disabled. Engineering students and organizations representing the disabled will collaborate to design an infrastructure and exhibits that offer unappalled access for those with disabilities. In this way, GLAM will draw national attention for its innovative ways to provide an unequaled museum experience for special populations.

Aviation inspires

Aviation teaches history

Aviation engenders patriotism

Aviation attracts millions

Aviation is a thrilling adventure

Aviation, particularly historic military aviation, continues to capture America’s attention. Air shows and aviation museums attract millions of visitors annually from every demographic group. Aviation inspires, engenders patriotism, teaches history, and is a thrilling adventure for most everyone. Mankind’s ability to fly remains a relatively a new phenomenon, and still speaks to the adventurous American spirit.


The aviation environment provided by the Great Lakes Aviation Museum and Conference Center will be a powerhouse of excitement, and offer a much needed venue for public and private events in southeastern Wisconsin.

GLAM is an incredible experience for all ages

The future of aviation

What kind of airplanes will we be flying in 2060? Are there any “cool” technologies on the horizon? What about cyber security threats to aviation safety?


GLAM will peek into the future of flying and be a center for aviation innovations.

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